Meta Tags Explorer

Meta Tags have never been Easier
to find.

View meta tags of any website you browse, without any manual clicks or entering the URL in a OG preview tool.

Browser Extensions
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Use Cases


Breeze to check tags of content pages which have unique tags per page. Imagine your blog with 100 posts.

Copy & Paste is old school

No need to manually copy & paste your url's in a site to figure out the meta tags.

Fewer Clicks

No need to click on an extension to see the tags. It's painful to keep clicking on the extension to check the tags of different pages you visit.

Debug your Meta tags with ease

Check the tags of your site in the same browser tab.


Non distracting sidebar. Sidebar sits on the side without disrupting your browsing experience.


About Me

Dinesh S

Software Team Lead.

I've been writing code for the last 10 years.

I am building a bunch of apps, until one of them takes off.

I built this extension, by googling a lot of stuff. You are not alone.

My other apps - Notion Images, Tailwind UI Elements