Meta Tags have never been Easier
to find.

Meta Explorer is a FREE chrome extension that allows you to check SEO meta tags of any site you browse without any clicks.

Zero clicks needed

Pleasant & Modern UI

Works well on Single Page Apps

Identify your on-page SEO issues easily

Pin extension to keep it open through page refreshes

(4.9/5 on Chrome web store)

5,000+ users have improved their SEO.

Key Features

Zero clicks

Pin the extension to keep it open across page refreshes.

Pin the extension so that it stays open as you browse and check meta data across your content pages. The extension stays open even on page refreshes/reloads.

Check on-page SEO issues.

Improve your SEO performance.

Identify issues with your on-page SEO. Fix them and see your SEO improve. The issues are tagged with severity to help you prioritise.

Modern & Clean UI

Pleasant & modern UI.

Most existing tools look ancient and are a pain to look at. With Meta Explorer I have put additional effort to present information that's easy to consume.

On Page SEO

The easiest and fastest way to find SEO Meta

Existing tools require you to either click on an extension or copy-paste the URL into a tool to check on-page SEO. With each new page you visit, you have to click the extension to reopen it. This becomes cumbersome, especially when checking on-page SEO for multiple pages, such as a blog.

Zero clicks.
You don't have to keep clicking the extension to see the details of the pages you visit.
Works well on Single Page Apps.
Meta Explorer smoothly functions with Single Page Apps. Simply go to any page, and the data will refresh automatically with the current page's data.
Stays open through page refreshes.
Pin the extension to keep it open even during page refreshes, ensuring that you always have the Meta information readily available.
Meta Explorer shows the issues with your on-page SEO along with their severity. Fix them and see your SEO improve.
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